This Quiz Will Reveal What Type of Tea You Should be Drinking

We already know there’s a difference between coffee and tea drinkers, but did you know that there are actually many types of tea drinkers out there?

Your cup of tea can reveal a lot about who you are. Whether you drink tea for the taste, the caffeine, or the health benefits, everyone usually has their flavor of choice. Now, we take your choice one step further and discover your true personality.

Answer these 10 questions and discover the truth!

1. What’s the best tea-time snack?

a) Pastries and cookies
b) Fresh fruit
c) Candy
d) Chocolate

2. What time of day do you prefer to drink tea?

a) In the morning when I need caffeine.  
b) During an afternoon tea break.
c) I could drink tea all day.
d) After dinner.

3. How often do you meditate?

a) Only during my yoga class.
b) At least once a day.
c) Whenever I get around to it.
d) I’m too busy!

4. Which of these vacations would you most enjoy?

a) Buckingham Palace, England  
b) Temple hopping in Japan
c) Elephant Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan
d) Taj Mahal, India

5. What do you put in your tea?

a) Milk and sugar
b) Nothing!
c) Honey
d) Just a little sugar

6. What’s your favorite way to enjoy your cup of tea?

a) With my friends catching up.
b) Curled up with a book.
c) Surfing the web.
d) Watching the latest episode ofGame of Thrones

7. What’s your movie preference?

a) Drama or romance.
b) Thriller.
c) Comedy.
d) Action.

8. Where would you rather take a road trip?

a) A new town to explore.
b) Somewhere peaceful with a view.
c) An amusement park.
d) A music festival.

9. What do you usually pack for lunch?

a) A sandwich, fruit, and chips.
b) A salad with chopped nuts.
c) Leftovers.
d) I don’t usually pack a lunch.

10. How do you feel about caffeine?

a) I can’t live without it!
b) It makes me too jittery.
c) I just need it in the morning.
d) I can live with it or without it.

If you picked mostly A’s…

You are a black tea drinker!

While you’re not boring, you’re rational, easy to please, and like things the classic way. You tell it like it is and you’re fine helping others be the center of attention, even if it means you aren’t. Others are attracted to your easy-going, caring nature, and you’re always an amazing friend to everyone around you. Keep being that amazing friend!

If you picked mostly B’s…

You’re a green tea drinker and it’s hard to deny it!

While you’re full of energy, you’re also a calm, level-headed person. You’re down to earth and know how to seek out the simple, yet most fulfilling, things in life. You also value taking care of yourself- there are some amazing health benefits of green tea that you regularly enjoy, including a boost to your oral hygiene!

If you picked mostly C’s…

Oolong is your perfect match!

You have a bold personality, and you love being different. Standing out from the crowd is basically your job, and you welcome the spotlight. However, you know when to draw the line and let others have their moment. Sometimes, it’s good to switch it up, which is why oolong tea comes in a wide variety of flavors!

If you picked mostly D’s…

You’re a chai tea lover!

Chai tea brings out the spicy, fun-loving nature inside you and inspires everyone else. You are a warm, bold, and energetic soul who is always on the go- and actually enjoys keeping busy. Whether you’re exploring the local museum or taking a road trip to another town, you can always find something to do.

An iced tea for everyone

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Whether you’re hosting a tea party or simply enjoying a tea break, here’s how to get that perfect cup of tea, every time.


Whether you’re hosting a tea party or simply enjoying a tea break, here’s how to get that perfect cup of tea, every time.

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