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Stories from real people who tell us how their mouths play an important role in their lives

When a sale has been landed, it’s like pure elation. You’re just sitting there and you’re like “Oh my god, I didn’t think that would ever happen.” And you would reminisce on the moments where you’re like “Remember when he saidthis in the meeting?” It’s awesome. The celebration and the excitement is the best part.

People don’t usually realize this, but oral care or the oral system has a really big connection to the stomach system as well. If we don’t have a good oral care/hygiene, that can affect the systemic problem. For example, there are studies that show if you have a bad mouth, bad gingivitis or bad gum disease, it can  link to cardiovascular disease or even diabetes. People don’t realize that.

Stories from real people with real mouths who tell us how their mouths play an important role in their lives. Watch our video spotlight with Jess.

I’ve spent maybe seven years at a job where I really didn’t have to speak to anybody and I was in a cave. To go from that to being a person who has to market themselves and get people to like them in order to get hired, it’s a whole new world for me.

For me it’s really about hearing other people’s stories and listening to what they have to say. I’m with a sort of newish initiative where I work with family doctors who don’t have support in terms of a health team.

Teaching was never the first thing I thought of when I was growing up. It was after working in the industry of design and advertising I thought to myself, you know, what would it be like to helping people daily – especially youth?