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November 20, 2017

qii Spotlight: Stories from real people with real mouths who tell us how their mouths play an important role in their lives.

Teaching was never the first thing I thought of when I was growing up. It was after working in the industry of design and advertising I thought to myself, you know, what would it be like to helping people daily - especially youth? How can I challenge myself and get people interested in advertising or design? So it was later on while I was working in advertising where I said, let me try this teaching thing. Let me see how this goes. I was very fortunate I got into teacher’s college and right away I got into a job and you know, it’s pretty intimidating at first. You’re speaking to about 90 kids everyday. They’re always looking at you. But after that I felt very natural so I loved giving lessons, examples, talking about my life and what it could be for potential students.

Some people would get nervous because they just don’t like to speak in front of people, but then all of a sudden you look into a crowd and you realize they’re a lot younger than you. They’re teenagers. So you’re not competing at their level. You’re not talking to people your age where they can judge you. They want to learn from you. You’re the one that should be a little bit wiser who has that knowledge. So they’re looking at you with attention. It’s usually fun. A lot of the things you’re teaching them are new to them. That’s why for me it’s not about being shy or anything. And if you are shy I don’t think that’s the profession for you. It’s going to be everyday for the rest of your life.