January 17, 2018

When a sale has been landed, it’s like pure elation. You’re just sitting there and you’re like “Oh my god, I didn’t think that would ever happen." And you would reminisce on the moments where you’re like “Remember when he saidthis in the meeting?” It’s awesome. The celebration and the excitement is the best part.

We’re constantly striving to find ways to innovate in every aspect of the business. And that comes down to product innovation, we’re trying to find brand new things that don’t exist in the marketplace. We’re trying to innovate on the business model so instead of taking the traditional growth trajectory that most food and beverages companies have, we’re trying to invert it and accelerate the growth out of the gate. From a communications standpoint, we’re trying to be big brand marketing with a teeny tiny budget. With all of us, and everyone involved in DoseBiome and the product qii, we’re constantly trying to figure out new ways to do the same thing in a completely different way so that we can bring amazing products to consumers.

On a really small team we need to be direct, to the point and very efficient with our time.I think a lot of times we spend trying to say the right thing and be considerate of everyone. You want to be mindful of the work that’s gone into something but at the same time you’re like “We need to get to this point. We need to do it now.” There’s this balance of being direct and supportive versus direct and critical. I think that’s a fine line. That’s one of the things I struggle with. I’m a very emotional person, very passionate.A lot of times I'd get very excited. Excited comes in various forms.It can be like excited-happy, excited-angry, excited-whatever. Taking that time to take a deep breath and structure my thoughts before I release them to the world is what I struggle with. Your mouth just needs to be tempered sometimes you know. You need to dial it up or dial it down. And it’s just knowing where you are on that spectrum and what you need to do. I think that’s the challenge sometimes.

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