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November 23, 2017

qii Spotlight: Stories from real people with real mouths who tell us how their mouths play an important role in their lives.

For me it’s really about hearing other people’s stories and listening to what they have to say. I’m with a sort of newish initiative where I work with family doctors who don’t have support in terms of a health team. I provide mental support including being the first introduction point to mental health care services. So listening to people’s stories, getting an idea of what they need and connecting them with other services or brief support. Often it’s with people who have never had mental involvement before or who have never experienced mental health issues. It’s getting them connected and having them understand what’s available to them.

They get connected to me from their family doctors and it’s like “call this person for mental health support”. It’s kind of amazing how much people will open up and stuff, and it sort of shows how much that personal connection is important to people. A lot of what I do is providing education around things like options and what’s available in terms of mental health care. It’s things you can technically Google, but I think having that person communicate it, it’s sort of key to why my job exists.